Hucknall councillors vow to oppose plans to build 135 more houses in the town

Headlines galore in the last year have centred on Hucknall being the target for the building of thousands of new homes – and the latest officially submitted bid is for 135 properties off Hayden Lane.

Thursday, 12th May 2022, 9:23 am

And the scheme has sparked vows from councillors in the town to fight against it.

The scheme is also threatening to cause a row between the two councils after the plans also revealed proposals to access the site via two adjoining residential cul-de-sacs, Dorothy Avenue and Delia Avenue.

Coun Lauren Mitchell (Lab), who represents Hucknall South on Ashfield District Council, says the town ‘cannot take any more (houses)’.

Plans have been submitted for 135 houses on the site outlined off Hayden Lane in Hucknall. Photo: Google

The Hayden Lane plans have been submitted to Ashfield Council and although the houses will be built in Hucknall, the bid is part of Gedling Borough Council’s proposals to build 3,000 new homes over a five-year period to meet the area’s housing target.

Many Hucknall residents are strongly opposed to the plans as, although the houses will be under the Gedling banner, they say the new residents will be using Hucknall’s medical, education and transport facilities – putting even more pressure on an already creaking infrastructure.

These fears are underlined even more by the fact that planning has already been granted for hundreds more houses at the former Rolls-Royce and Top Wighay Farm developments, while proposals for housing at Misk Hills and 3,000 new homes at Whyburn Farm as part of the paused and controversial Ashfield draft local plan, remain in the pipeline.

And Coun Lee Waters (Ash Ind), who represents Hucknall North on Ashfield Council, said: “We (Hucknall Ashfield Independents) will be opposing this on the basis that any section 106 developer funding to help with infrastructure will end up being spent miles away in Labour-run Gedling.

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“They prefer to spend developer funding miles away on the other side of Gedling, whist dumping houses at the door of Hucknall.

"They do this because they can get away with it, but knowing very well that the people who purchase these properties will be using Hucknall’s resources.”

Coun John Wilmott (Ash Ind), who also represents Hucknall North, said: "The building of 135 houses at the back of Hayden Lane is bad enough but to build an access to these houses on two quiet cul-de-sacs, destroying the lives of the residents In that area is monstrous.

“Gedling building houses without the necessary infrastructure will again affect Hucknall, yet still no developer contributions are to be received to improve Hucknall’s infrastructure.”

Coun Mitchell said: “Once again Hucknall is being expected to find resources because neighbouring authorities are allowed to build houses on the border, meaning existing Hucknall facilities are oversubscribed.

"Hucknall is bordered by three different authorities.

"Hucknall Labour has been consistent on this and our argument is clear – Hucknall can’t take any more houses without huge improvements in infrastructure, something not promised in this application.”

The Dispatch also contacted Hucknall Conservative councillors for comment.