Hucknall Labour and Tory councillors slam Independents claims they have not opposed controversial draft local plan

Labour and and Conservative councillors in Hucknall say claims by the ruling Ashfield Independents that they have not officially opposed the council’s controversial draft local housing plans for Hucknall are simply not true.

The Independents say they have obtained a freedom of information (FOI) request that reportedly revealed six Hucknall councillors objected to the plan, which includes proposals to put 3,000 new homes on green belt land at Whyburn Farm.

The Independents say five of the Hucknall objectors were the town’s five Ashfield Independent councillors and that just one of the remaining two Labour and three Conservative councillors submitted an official objection to the plans.

However, both Labour and the Conservatives have rubbished these claims.

Couns Chris Baron (Con) and Lauren Mitchell (Lab) have both rubbished claims their parties have not objected to the draft local plan

Coun Lee Waters (Ash Ind), who represents Hucknall North, called it ‘an abdication of duty’ and said he was ‘disappointed and angry with some Hucknall councillors not doing their bit’.

He added: “For all their rhetoric and bluster, it’s disappointing to see that only one Labour or Conservative councillor bothered to have their say.

"All five of Hucknall’s Ashfield Independent Councillors took the time to write detailed and comprehensive objections.

"We have always been very clear – we are against arbitrary housing targets set out by Whitehall.

“I am calling for Hucknall’s three Conservative councillors and two Labour councillors to admit who objected.

"The one that did should be congratulated and to the four that didn’t, I’d ask why?

"In my view, it’s an abdication of duty and I am disappointed with them – they’ve not done their bit.”

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Coun Chris Baron (Con), who represents Hucknall West, said he submitted an objection letter on behalf of himself and his two Conservative colleagues in Hucknall West, Couns Kevin and Phil Rostance.

He added: “At this early stage in the process – bearing in mind it will be the elected members who make the final decision – there are at least two further opportunities to submit objections which will have more of a bite.

"Irrespective of the Ashfield Independents trying to put the blame for their disastrous draft local plan on others, perhaps they would do better by looking within their own political party.

"Hucknall and its residents have now seen the Ashfield Independents as a political party of spin and misleading statements.

"Hucknall and the surrounding area will no longer believe what they attempt to preach.”

Coun Lauren Mitchell (Lab), who represents Hucknall South, also confirmed she had sent her objection letter to the council via email.

She said: ““I of course put an objection in, not only about Whyburn Farm but other areas in Hucknall such as Broomhill Farm phase three in my own Ward.

"The Ashfield Independents are just playing political games to deflect blame.

"It’s getting ridiculous when a paid officer of the council is wasting time and resources with an FOI about what a handful Councillors have said, rather than focussing on what over seven thousand Hucknall residents have said – no more houses on green belt land.”

Coun Mitchell’s Hucknall South colleague Coun Keir Morrison has also publicly voiced his objection to the plans.

A further objection was also submitted by Coun Dave Hennigan (Ind), who represents Sutton Central and New Cross.