Update: Ashfield Independents sweep to victory in Hucknall

The Ashfield Independents have taken all three Hucknall seats in the Nottinghamshire County Council election.

By John Smith
Friday, 7th May 2021, 1:55 pm

In all three cases, the Ashfield Independent candidates have unseated Conservative councilliors.

David Shaw got the ball rolling for the Ashfield Independents when won the Hucknall West seat from Conservative Phil Rostance.

He was then followed by John Willmott, who claimed Hucknall North from the Conservatives’ Kevin Rostance and Lee Waters, who took Hucknall South with Labour’s Ria Cash pushing Conservative candidate Jan Lees into third place.

Results are coming in for the Nottinghamshire County Council elections

However, the Conservatives did have something to smile about in the Dispatch area as Chris Barnfather comfortably held his Newstead seat.


Hucknall West

David Shaw (Ashfield Independents) – 1,805

Phil Rostance (Conservative) – 1,202

Stephen Taylor (Labour) – 415

Majority: 603

Hucknall North

John Willmott (Ashfield Independents) – 1,866

Kevin Rostance (Conservatives) – 733

Pat Ayres (Labour) – 596

Martin Hawes (Liberal Democrat) – 78

Majority: 1,133

Hucknall South

Lee Waters (Ashfield Independents) – 1,788

Ria Cash (Labour) – 687

Jan Lees (Conservatives) – 669

James Henry (Liberal Democrats) – 71

Majority: 1,071


Chris Barnfather (Conservative) – 2,332

Matthew Spurr (Labour) – 683

Margaret Vince (Green) – 250

John Sutherland (Liberal Democrats) – 183

Majority: 1,649