Who will get your vote in Hucknall today?

Today, the voters of Hucknall and Newstead head to the polls to choose who they want to represent them at Nottinghamshire County Council.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 7:00 am

In what have been unprecedented times, dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, who do you think is best to serve the people of Hucknall on vital issues like healthcare, the economy, social care, council tax, crime, education, employment, public transport, the state of the county’s roads, local housing and essential services.

The polls are open until 10pm tonight.

This is who is standing for the seats in the Dispatch area this time.

The polls are open until 10pm tonight

Hucknall North

Pat Ayres – Labour

Martin Howes – Liberal Democrats

Kevin Rostance – Conservatives

John Wilmott – Ashfield Independents

Hucknall South

Ria Cash – Labour

James Harvey – Liberal Democrats

Jan Lees – Conservatives

Lee Waters – Ashfield Independents

Hucknall West

Phil Rostance – Conservatives

David Shaw – Ashfield Independents

Stephen Taylor – Labour


Chris Barnfather – Conservatives

Matthew Spurr – Labour

John Sutherland – Liberal Democrats

Margaret Vince – Green