Posters brand banned thug

POSTERS are being dished out to people of Bulwell in a bid to warn them about a thug who is banned from their streets.

Gareth Massam (21) terrorised residents on Bulwell Hall Estate until one of his victims stood up to him.

Massam caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to the man's car and made his life hell, even scratching words into his front door and hurling abuse at him in the middle of the street.

But the man's courage led to Massam, who now lives in Eastwood, being placed under an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) at Nottingham Crown Court.

It means he faces up to a five-year jail term if he sets foot in Merchant Street or Minerva Street in Bulwell before January 2007.

Now, in a joint venture between Nottinghamshire police and Nottingham City Council, 200 posters featuring Massam have been posted to help enforce the ban.

The police and council want anyone who spots Massam breaking his ASBO to call the nearest police station

This is the first time posters have been distributed. But they are allowed if and when other ASBOSs are handed down to thugs, beggars or persistent shoplifters.

Coun Jon Collins (Lab), leader of the city council, said: "ASBOs aim to make life difficult for the handful of individuals whose actions make life difficult for the majority of law-abiding people.

"If ASBOs are to be as effective as possible, it's vital local people are able to identify the individual and know what they are banned from doing, so they can report any breaches."

The posters have been issued as part of the 2.25 million initiative 'Respect For Nottingham', which aims to make the city a safer, cleaner place by tackling drug-related crime, begging, graffiti, litter and other anti-social behaviour.