Readers give views on national strike action

On the Chad’s Facebook page, readers have given their views on today’s contentious strike.

By Andy Done-Johnson
Thursday, 10th July 2014, 4:11 pm

Lisa Waterfield said: “Disgusted .... At least public sector workers get a yearly pay rise! As for can’t afford food, is it free for everyone else? Try working a 48 week year in the private sector or try being a pensioner in the UK who’s worked all their life and are now living on the breadline and you’ll realise how lucky you actually are!”

Michelle Jones said: “I just wish they would think about how it affects working mums not only have mine got a strike day that I haven’t been able to take time off for, the school my two go to has also added 3 inset days for the end of term that I haven’t got holidays to take for, so my childcare bill will go up by an extra £50 this week for today but £150 for the end of term...”

John Mertens said: “Wonder if they will all be stood on the picket line or sat in a beer garden somewhere. It’s a joke would teachers accept me taking my kids out of school without a good reason no. I have no sympathy.”

David Welsh said: “Just remember if they do get big pay rises its us council tax payers who will have to foot the bill and I certainly don’t want to pay any more a lot of public service workers aren’t needed.”

Colleen Harwood said: “if this government can afford to give tax breaks to millionaires it can afford to give its loyal hardworking staff a payrise worthy of them, we took bacon cobs and coffees to our members on the picket line at hermitage lane, vale road and civic centre - support our public sector workers.”