Shark charity presents to school

Conservation organisation, Shark Guardian, visited Hucknall schools this week to spread the conservation message.

The group gave a presentation to pupils at Leen Mills and Holy Cross about the work the Thailand based charity is involved in.

It is thanks to former Holy Cross pupil and Hucknall resident Liz Ward-Sing that the schools were treated to the talk.

“We visited the schools and had a great morning,” said Liz. “We made a real focus about UK sharks - there are actually 30 different species in UK waters including the basking shark and porbeagle, so we tried to get the children excited about this.

“We also made a big emphasis on the importance of sharks in the ocean,” added Liz. “When people live in a place like Nottingham where you can’t see the ocean and you’ve maybe never seen a shark, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to be bothered about either.

“But sharks keep the oceans balanced and already where sharks have been overfshed there are catastrophic effects - reef damage, increased jelly fish - so its really important that sharks are in good numbers to keep our oceans healthy.

“We get more than 50 per cent of our oxygen from the ocean. If the oceans die, we die, simple as that, therefore sharks are probably the most important species on the planet.”