Sutton ghost hunters spooked by ONE MILLION viewers on Facebook

The Haun7ed team at Silverhill.The Haun7ed team at Silverhill.
The Haun7ed team at Silverhill.
A ghost hunt in Sutton certainly raised spirits when it went live on the Internet and got more than ONE MILLION viewers.

Weird goings on and psychic energy are stock in trade for paranormal investigators Haun7ed Live

But even they were spooked by the tresponse to their two hour live Facebook broadcast from the Silverhill Trail which was filmed on just an iPhone.

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Lee Roberts, from Sutton -founder of the seven member team - said: “We are the first Paranormal show in the world to have a million people see us on a live social media broadcast, we are now also the most seen Paranormal show in the UK beating the likes of Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures that are shown on TV in the UK.”

Haun7ed conducted an investigation at Silverhill Trail, on former colliery sites on July 19.

Lee said:: “We saw the viewers and reach rising as we were filming and were amazed that it quickly rose from a few thousand to over 100,000.

“At about 20 minutes in we had hit the quarter of a million mark and were absolutely blown away, by the end of the main vigil we had mashed past the 600,000 mark.

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“We quickly changed over for the second video and started again for the lone vigils.

“Although it was a pretty quiet night the viewers kept on coming.

“By the end of the night we were astonished that we has surpassed the one million mark.”

Lee said the investigation itself was ‘fairly quiet’

He said: “We made our way through a woodland track There was a lot of movement which you could put down to wildlife .

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“On odd occasions we thought saw someone behind us but when we checked there was no one there.”

Among their tools of the trade, the ghost hunters use an ‘Alice box’ - a device which picks out words randomly.

Lee said; “It picked out the name John and the number 35.

“We have looked into it and there was a man called John who died at the pit in 1935. Whether that was random or not we can never know.

“You can never prove or disprove the paranormal but it is a good starting point to know the equipment is picking up on something that may be relevant.”

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He added: “We finished the night with 1,057,521 people seeing the LIVE Ghost Hunt on Facebook and that is still growing due to people being able to watch it at any point.”

The team claims to have been the first in the world to broadcast a live ghost hunt via the Facebook LIVE app at Idlewells shopping centre last October.

Lee said that during the investigation their trusty Alice Box’ came up with the name Lisa Gregory who was a corpse collector at the old Sutton slums where Idlewells was built.

He said: “The main thing is we enjoy what we do - we are not there to shove it in people’s faces - we are there to find evidence of an afterlife.

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“If we come a cross a phenomenon it is just as much fun to be able to explain it scientifically even if it is nothing to do with the paranormal.”

The Silverhill Trail ghost hunt can be watched via the facebook page

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