Sutton Road Primary School celebrates its first century

Sutton Road Primary School pupils will take a trip down memory lane next weekend when the school celebrates its 100th anniversary.

There will be a street party, children will wear Edwardian Dress, and take part in Edwardian dances and sing songs specially chosen from different eras of the past 100 years.

Year 6 pupils will demonstrate a round robin of games children have played over the past century.

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On Saturday morning the school will host guided tours for parents and former pupils.

Deputy Head Jim Wakeland said: “I think they are really excited about the anniversary. We have asked children to bring in any photos or anything related to the school from the past.

“They brought in really nice things like old Christmas booklets and football team photos from the 1950s.

“It has brought a nice community spirit to the school.

“One of the teachers read out old school registers from the 1970s. Some pupils recognised their own addresses.

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“We asked for people with memories and pictures of the school on our Facebook page and from that a former pupil who was at the school in 1936 contacted us.”

The school has had its very own lightning tree carved into a logo celebrating 100 years which will be officially unveiled by Mansfield South councillor Stephen Garner.

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