TASTY: Second annual '˜fish and chip day' celebrated around region

National Fish and Chip Day 2016.National Fish and Chip Day 2016.
National Fish and Chip Day 2016.
As you will no doubt be aware, today marks the UK's second annual National Fish and Chip Day.

It is a day on which we as a nation can forget our differences and come together around one of the only things that truly unites us.

Chippys, pubs, restaurants, fishermen and farmers around the country are joining in with the fun to celebrate their contribution to our undisputed national dish.

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And chip-lovers in the East Midlands are expected to consume the greatest tea there is in record numbers this evening to mark the special occasion.

So, we thought we’d ask you which is your favourite chippy? Please let us know below or on our Facebook sites. And if you could include opening times, postcodes and prices that would be great too!

Also, what’s the best chippy name you’ve come across? My personal favourite is Frying Nemo in Goole, East Yorkshire. Let us know yours.

Have a great National Fish and Chip Day 2016!