This is how you can help victims of the devastating Beirut explosion

Organisations like the Lebanese Red Cross are helping victims in Beruit. (Photo: Shutterstock)Organisations like the Lebanese Red Cross are helping victims in Beruit. (Photo: Shutterstock)
Organisations like the Lebanese Red Cross are helping victims in Beruit. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The world has looked on in horror at the devastation wrought by a major explosion in Beirut on August 4, which killed at least 135.

The blast took place in Beirut's port and was reportedly caused by the unsafe storage of ammonium nitrate.

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A huge fireball and white cloud sent a shockwave across the city, with shop and apartment windows smashing up to 2 miles away, and the blast felt as far as Cyprus, 120 miles from Beirut.

Buildings were ripped apart, thousands have been injured and at least 135 are dead as a result.

It's a disaster that's left many wondering what they can do to help.

These are the organisations you can donate to who are currently helping Lebanon's victims:

Lebanese food bank

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As well as destroying thousands of buildings and claiming lives, the explosion in Beirut destroyed grain silos carrying 85% of Lebanon's grain supply.

What's more, up to 80% of the country's food is imported, with much of this relying on the port which was destroyed in the blast. Due to the economic crisis in the country, food prices had already risen by up to 80% prior to the blast.

This means that Lebanese people need more help than ever accessing food - and The Lebanese Food bank is helping to provide this.

They run feeding programmes which distribute dry food parcels as well as collecting food donations from hotels and restaurants. You can donate to them at this link:

Beit el Baraka

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Beit el Baraka provides medical costs and housing for people in need, as well as running a free supermarket. Founder Maya Chams Ibrahimchah, told L’Orient le Jour:

“Beit el-Baraka works on three levels: the supermarket where you can gracefully, and with dignity, choose whatever you need, the apartments that are restored for free and whose rent we pay and medical treatments, which include surgeries, medications and dental care that doctors – who support the association – provide to patients.”

In the aftermath of the explosion, the organisation is also working to repair damaged homes. You can donate to them here:

Impact Lebanon

Impact Lebanon is currently raising money to house people whose homes were ripped apart by the blast on August 4. The money you donate will be used to pay for apartment and/or hotel fees, says the charity.

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The organisation has also set up a general crowdfunding campaign for Beirut to provide disaster relief.

To contribute, follow this link:

The Lebanese Red Cross:

The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) focuses on disaster prevention and relief. It relies on volunteers and is the biggest provider of ambulances in Lebanon.

It's been central to treating and transporting people following the blast in Beirut and provides free services to those who need them.

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To donate, follow this link:

Save the Children

Director Jad Sakr of Save the Children has put out a call for donations to the charity in the aftermath of the explosion, saying:

“It is vital that children and their families get access to the services they urgently need, including medical care and physical and emotional protection.”

Your money will go towards helping children and their families recover, emotionally and physically, from the devastating event:

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