THORESBY LATEST: Closure of pit ‘could still only be weeks away’

A leading union member fears Thoresby pit could close ‘within weeks’ rather than 18 months unless promised Government money is quickly injected into the industry.

Mick Stevens, general secretary for the Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM) says the financial package to keep the pit open until the Autumn of 2015 is ‘still not a done deal’.

He said this week that £20 million was to be spent to help wind the colliery down, half from the Government, and the other half from stakeholders.

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But speaking to the Chad this morning, Thursday 3rd April, said: “We have still not had a response, and it’s still up in the air.

“We have to remember that this money is simply to close the pit next year, and from what I know, if they don’t get this money it could close a lot quicker.

“They are running out of money, I know that after April there will be a cash crisis.

“They say they have enough money to pay the men but I know it’s getting very thin.

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“We haven’t got the time if there is to be any future for Thoresby.”

News this week broke that the pit was earmarked for closure after UK Coal said they had run into financial difficulties, and needed at least £10 million.

Thoresby is the last deep mine in Nottinghamshire and employs around 600 people.

Kellingley Colliery in South Yorkshire has also been earmarked for closure.