THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It’s impossible to shield children from religion

A child born to Jewish parents is very likely to grow up in the Jewish faith, the same will be equally true for any child born into any faith I suppose. Freedom of religious expression allows families to pass on their own religious heritage to their children and because they might have churches and faith schools to support them, this early exposure to faith will give the child the values that a parent thinks are important.

When I hear religious organisations complaining that this right is being undermined by the secular society, I do feel a little exasperated.

What about a child born to atheist parents? It is impossible to shield a child from religion in this country. We should recall that atheist parents can have strong moral values and teach their child right from wrong, but they will be constantly battling to keep religion at bay. I was indoctrinated into the Church of England because I was born in England. I attended a C of E school and one of the first things we were taught was to believe in Jesus. We were handed over to the church because of tradition - like bunches of carrots at a harvest festival. It’s just the way society worked.

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I was not given a choice and no child seems to be given a choice or the chance to discover life without religion and faith or even an alternative faith to that of their parents. They have to battle for it.

I am well aware that throughout history the religious have been persecuted, well you are not alone, try being an atheist in Saudi Arabia. There can be equality in persecution sometimes.

So although I appreciate the freedom of religious expression I do not think that your right to believe is more important than my right, or a child’s right, to find his own path in life.

What do YOU think? Do kids have the chance to find their own faith - or lack of it - without parental indoctrination? To email us CLICK HERE