Town tour a success for shark conservationists

Over the past month, a conservation charity has been visiting schools and community centres in the Dispatch district raising awareness of their work around the world.

Shark Guardian finished their Nottingham school tour last week at Linby Primary where over 200 children heard about the efforts of Hucknall born Liz Ward-Sing and husband Brendon in a special assembly. Some classes then had extra workshops for further learning.

“We have visited nine schools since returning to the UK from Thailand in December,” explained Liz. “These include Holy Cross, Leen Mills, Jubilee Primary and Arno Vale.

“Together with the school presentations and three events for the general public, more than 1,700 people in the area are now more clued up about the importance of sharks and why me must protect them.”

Liz and Brendon are now spreading the message further afield by visiting schools in London hoping to reach a further six schools and presenting to more than 1,500 children.

The charity educate about the importance of sharks in the food chain and the value of the creature as a sea predator.

Liz and Brendan will return to Thailand via a tour in Dubai which is being sponsored by Global Ocean - a marine conservation charity.

“Our aim is to continue to educate as many people as possible about sharks and marine life,” explained Liz. “We believe with better education and the right information, people will make the right choices and stop buying any shark related products.

“With 70-100 million sharks being killed each year and the consequences to the oceans being huge, we at Shark Guardian believe now is the time we must all act to help sharks.”

The charity may be back in the region next year. For more information about Shark Guardian visit