Vanity Venom wins the makeup industry’s answer to X Factor

Mansfield Woodhouse makeup artist who goes by the name of Vanity Venom has taken her amazing makeup skills stateside after winning a top industry award.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th August 2015, 4:10 pm
Vanity Venom - Emily Clayton of Mansfield Woodhouse has won the title as the UK ambassador for NYX make up.

Vanity Venom, AKA Emily Clayton took the NYX UK Face Awards by storm with her vibrant work.

Emily, 25 is a self taught makeup artist and won the prestigious award - the make up industry’s equivalent of th eX Factor - in London last Thursday.

She won £10.000 cash,a four week make up course in London worth £5.000, trip to LA as a guest to the USA awards which is held this Saturday, and a years supply of make up. She has won the title as the UK ambassador for NYX make up.

As Emily enjoyed her trip to th e USA awards this week, Her mum Linda of Morven Avenue said: “This is a fantastic achievement and will help her in the career she wants.

“It is equivalent to winning the X Factor in the make up industry.

“As you can imagine I am one very proud mum.”

“A video of Emily’s take on a two headed woman is on Youtube: where she said: “I was given the two headed lady. It was such a challenge because I have never made prosthetic’s of this standard before!

“I had to record it before I had applied the makeup and I didn’t know the order I was going to do anything in because I never work to a plan,

“I just have the final look in my head and do what I need to do to create it.

“I can’t wait to start my role as the UK ambassador.”