VIDEO: Mansfield grandad’s ambition to fly one last time in Second World War bi-plane granted just months before he dies

A Mansfield grandad’s ambition to fly one last time in one of the bi-planes he crashed during the Second World War was granted just months before he died.

In 1942 Jack Green crashed a Tiger Moth on his first ever solo flight and it ended his flying career.

To celebrate his 90th birthday in June, Jack flew a Tiger Moth again but this time he had a better landing in Blue Eye Aviation’s Tiger Moth at Darley Moor Airfield, Derbyshire.

Father of four Mr Green, of Marlborough Road, died last month.

His family say his flight from the airfield at Ashbourne was one of the last memorable things he did in his life. A video detailing his exploits in a Tiger Moth in WW2 and his latest flight in June was shown at his funeral.

Daughter Kim McGregor said; “My dad was an amazing chap - I can’t believe he’s gone.

“After my mum Brenda died last year, dad wrote a bucket list of what he wanted to do before he died. We all bought the flight for him and he loved it.”

“He kept going right to the end.

“He had been diagnosed with liver cancer but he still wanted to do it.”

In the video, Mr Green tells how he joined up in 1941 and had just 10 hours flying experience when his instructor sent him up on his first solo flight, which turned into a night flight.

“I landed eventually with no fuel - unfortunately I must have had must have had my hand on the throttle and it tipped up.”

His final flight this year was mush less eventful.

“I took to the controls for a few minutes and it felt lovely. Thankfully the instructor landed me.”

To watch the whole video of Jack taking to the skies again CLICK HERE