VIDEO: Twin baby lemurs are the latest new arrival at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Spring is in the air with an animal baby boom at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Visitors to the award-winning park are enjoying seeing new arrivals in the lemur and camel families.

Meanwhile, the park’s new endangered tiger cubs are still being cared for by their mum and won’t be seen in public for a few weeks.

Lemurs Humbug and Tink produced a pair of ring tailed lemur twins on the same day that Amur Tigers Vlad and Tschuna had a litter of three cubs.


The innovative 70-acre walkthrough park, near Doncaster, also celebrated the birth of a rare Bactrian camel calf in March,

The baby, named Hadara (meaning adorned with beauty) had to be helped by staff in her first week with extra bottle feeds, but now is going from strength to strength with her mum Elizabeth.

“It is fantastic to welcome the new arrivals to our wonderful family of animals,” said YWP director John Minion . “The joy of seeing a new one into the world is underscored by the need to preserve many of the species we have at YWP.

“Every time we witness a new birth it is a step closer to ensuring that under-threat species survive for generations to come. For some, there is a long journey which is why our conservation work is critical.”

The baby lemurs and camel are already visitor favourites at the park at Branton, but the trio of Amur tigers, whose numbers have plunged to desperate levels because of hunting and disappearing habitat, are still in the house in Land of Tigers. Their every move is being captured by CCTV.

Their four year old mother was hand-reared from birth and rangers at the park were concerned that her maternal instincts might not kick in, but she has proved to be a model mum, as amazing pictures of the birth and Tschuna greeting her new cubs have shown.

All new animals born at YWP during 2015 will have names starting with H and they will be ‘christened’ soon.

“We are particularly delighted with Amur Tigers and Lemurs because both species are under threat,” added John. “All lemurs are endangered, mostly due to the loss of their habitat as the forest is destroyed on Madagascar.”

The newbies will join Pixel, the two-year-old polar bear who arrived last month to join veteran Victor in Project Polarr. They will all be big hit with visitors over the May Bank Holiday which promises to be another fun-filled YWP weekend.

The park provides unrivalled access to some of the most amazing and endangered animals in the world. Lion Country is home to the pride of lions rescued from a run-down zoo in Romania, who now live in the extensive reserve with its lake and waterfalls.

The Monkey Play House and Café, which is adjacent to the Baboon Reserve with viewing from inside the play area as well as outside, will be open and children can enjoy play equipment on three levels including climbing frames, towers, dens, slides, swings and rope bridges.

Since opening in 2009 YWP has become the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative attraction in the UK. Last year 550,000 visitors enjoyed the chance to get close to some of the most amazing and endangered animals in the world.

News of when the tiger cubs will make their public debuts will be released through social media and on the website, where new CCTV footage will also be unveiled. There have been over 4.5m views of the footage so far.