Woodhouse academy’s £500K in wi-fi technology

Students at a Woodhouse academy are set to benefit from a £500,000 investment in Wi-Fi technology which was fitted over the summer break.

By Andy Done-Johnson
Friday, 13th September 2013, 5:05 pm

The system, at the Manor Academy, in Park Hall Road, allows students and teachers to stream media and access websites, timetables and emails on the move and was paid for directly out of school funds.

It has been provided by technology giants Hewlett Packard and Cisco Meraki, and ensures that the students have access to learning material not only in the classroom, but from all  areas of   the school, and at all times.

Manor is the only secondary school in the area to have such a powerful and extensive Wi-Fi system, capable of supporting 1000’s of devices simultaneously, a school spokesman said.

Nottinghamshire County Council and international IT company Kelway have worked closely with academy staff throughout the network development, and will be using the project as a case study for other schools.

Headteacher Jonathon Hickman said: “The system means that students can access learning material on their laptops, tablets or smartphones anywhere in the school.

“We will always invest in the latest interactive technologies to enhance learning and improve standards and achievements.”

There is now one computer per three students at Manor - way above Government guidelines of one computer to five students.

Paul Croot, e-business manager at the academy, said: “With the explosion of mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones, we needed a network that would support all students being able to use mobile technologies simultaneously and in a secure and reliable way to enhance learning.

“The newly-implimented network will open up exciting opportunities for wireless technologies and online learning for our students.”

John Brown from the Nottinghamshire County Council said: “The vision and commitment shown by the Manor Academy to mobilised teaching and learning has allowed us to engage with some of the biggest IT providers in the country.

“The relationships, solutions and experience built will not only benefit pupils of the academy but also pupils throughout the country.

“We are proud to to be part of the exciting vision that the academy have delivered.”