Your help is crucial in tackling knife crime

Nottinghamshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping has called on the public's help in tackling knife crime as Operation Sceptre, a national knife crime awareness campaign, ends today (Sunday, February 18).

The Force has supported the drive by highlighting some of the work it does all year round to tackle the issue.

Mr Tipping said: “Knife crime is not confined to Nottinghamshire, it is a national problem.  It’s clear to me that the police cannot work alone on this, support from our partners and the public is absolutely essential if we are to achieve the behavioural changes necessary to deter people from carrying knives in the first place.

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“I know that people have concerns about knife crime which is why my budget this year is focusing funding on additional resources, including the appointment of a Knife Crime Manager, to tackle the problem. I know that Nottinghamshire Police is committed to tackling knife crime and making our streets and communities safer. 

“This week of action has been invaluable, not just by raising awareness of the problem, not just by taking weapons off the streets, but because it gives robust reassurance to the public that the force is cracking down on knife crime.”