More than 1,000 additional coronavirus deaths in care homes according to ONS figures

1,662 additional coronavirus deaths have been recorded by ONS (Shutterstock)1,662 additional coronavirus deaths have been recorded by ONS (Shutterstock)
1,662 additional coronavirus deaths have been recorded by ONS (Shutterstock)

Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures have revealed that there were 1,662 coronavirus-related deaths outside of hospitals registered up to April 10.

This is up from 217 the week before according to official figures.

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The equivalent figure for hospitals deaths over the period is 8,673.

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Over 1,000 deaths in care homes

ONS presented a breakdown of where the deaths occurred with over 1,000 coronavirus-related deaths taking place in care homes.

Nearly 500 deaths took place in private home, while just shy of 100 were recorded at hospices.

Figures show that 1,043 took place in care homes, 466 in private homes, 87 in hospices, 21 in other communal establishments and 45 ‘elsewhere’.

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The ONS ecplained that a death was listed as coronavirus related if it is mentioned anywhere on the death certificate.

22% higher than NHS England total

The ONS figures also show there were 12,516 deaths involving Covid-19 in England up to April 10 (and which were registered up to April 18), compared with 10,260 deaths in hospitals in England for the same period, reported by NHS England.

The ONS total is 22% higher than the total published by NHS England.

This is because the ONS figures include all mentions of Covid-19 on a death certificate, including suspected Covid-19, as well as deaths in the community.

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The NHS figures only include deaths in hospitals where a patient has been tested for Covid-19.

Overall, 13,121 deaths involving Covid-19 have occurred in England and Wales up to April 10, and registered up to April 18.

This is 41% higher than the 9,288 people who died in UK hospitals during the same period reported by the Department of Health.