Nightshift workers have shared the benefits of not working during the day – including more money and less noise

Nightshift workers have revealed why they would never work during daylight hours – including making more money, avoiding traffic and not having to attend dull meetings.

A poll of 2,000 employed adults found 44 per cent of those who earn a living when the sun goes down are true converts to working when most people are in bed.

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The main appeal of working such hours include the peace and quiet you don’t get when working a hectic dayshift (39 per cent).

Higher earnings (35 per cent) and not having to endure the agony of rush hour travel (33 per cent) are also massive draws.

This work pattern also appears to be the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains associated with working dayshifts – 32 per cent claim it gives them the chance for more get ‘me-time.’

A fifth (19 per cent) also prefer working after dark because they get to see sights they wouldn’t otherwise see during the day.

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Keeping the work buzz alive

Samsung, which also commissioned the study, has partnered with photographer, Ben Weller to capture portraits of nightshift workers using the Galaxy S23 Ultra to “shine a light” on what they do.

The shots feature in a virtual exhibition called “The Light Shift Gallery” which has been narrated by Fearne Cotton and include a farmer, a florist, a star gazer, a confectioner, and a milk delivery worker.

Ben Weller said: “I’m passionate about my photography having a strong sense of narrative, so when I learnt about all the interesting things our ‘Light Shift’ grafters were doing I couldn’t wait to help share their stories.

“I normally shoot my projects on film, so this was my first time using a smartphone.

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“I’m excited for the nation to get a real sense of the overnight magic I’ve experienced.”

Shining light on those who work in the dark

The study also found 57 per cent of those who work days have never done a night shift - but 30 per cent would be ‘likely’ to take the opportunity to do so if one presented itself.

Of those who currently work during the day, the study carried out through OnePoll found 32 per cent wouldn’t be inclined to switch to afterhours work because they “can’t function at night.”

While a small number also perceive nightshift work to be “boring” and “lacking opportunity to be creative.”

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However, “The Light Shift Gallery” aims to change these perceptions.

Samsung Ambassador, Fearne Cotton, said: “Through my long career in broadcast, I understand the creativity and joy that can take place during the darker hours or morning twilight.

“From my early days radio presenting and now doing the Happy Place podcast and writing books - I get a real buzz seeing all the varied and creative work that happens before the sun is up.

“I hope this beautiful series of smartphone portraits inspire others who don't work conventional hours. They're shining the light on all those who work hard when many others are sleeping.”

Benefits of working night/sunrise shifts

1. It’s quiet

2. You can earn more money

3. You don’t have to travel to/from work during rush hour

4. You get the daytime to yourself

5. Better suited to people’s lifestyles

6. Fewer distractions

7. You get to see things you wouldn’t see in the day

8. You save money

9. Fewer meetings to attend

10. It allows you to nail your life admin in the day

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