ANGLING: James Maude AC Janson’s Fishery Match Pool

James Maude Angling ClubJames Maude Angling Club
James Maude Angling Club
There was a return to Janson’s to fish match pool on June 7th, following the opening encounters back in April 19th, with twenty of the James Maude stalwarts braving the predicted forecast with heavy rain forecast for most of the day plus the added bonus of thunder and lightning thrown into the mix as well, it was suggested for safety reasons that should the lightning persist that the match be suspended until it blows over.

Never easy setting up when it raining, but the Gods were smiling as with a break in the clouds and all the necessities out the way a quick and brisk walk to the chosen pegs, boxes down and brolly’s attached ready for the onslaught.

So with the weather playing a big part in fish behaviour and also the fact that they hadn’t spawned yet but with fish cruising over on the far bank and tell tale signs of them in the reeds showing that they are getting ready all factors that decided the day ahead, so who would make the best of the conditions and keep the fish occupied on all things food.

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One man in question was Kev Brown out to regain his crown and clocking up his third win of the season fishing from (lucky for some) peg 13, on arrival to his peg it was obvious Kev was to have a red letter day and he certainly made good use fishing over to the far bank tight in fishing pellet at half depth taking a steady stream of Carp and when the lull came he switched to top two and one at full depth to continue his quest for glory.

Margin swims top up the edge is where the match can be won and Kev took advantage of this fishing pellet and maggot to boost his weight and final catch of 113lb-4oz. Well done Kev. Second place and coming off the back of a win last year from peg eight but drawing two doors down Billy Harrison had peg 10 for his home for the day, with four top kits set up and two of them not used as one rig does all far bank and margins (slight adjustment to the right margin) taking Carp from the far bank on maggot and feeding dead reds a steady stream came, switch to the margins, maggot to the left and Corn on the right with corn doing the business with a better stamp of fish coming to the net.

Paste rig down the track didn’t work on the day.

So with his universal rig Billy took 89lb to the scales. Well done Billy. A commendable third went to Dave Lilliman fishing from peg 27 Dave had the best weight of the high numbers Mr Consistent if there’s fish Dave will find them, tactics pellet and maggot to boost his total to 86lb-4oz one fish off second place. Well done Dave. Expected tons did not show but that’s fishing, conditions always dictate how your day will pan out. So a big well done to all anglers that turned out on another bad weather day.


Kev Brown 113lb-4oz peg 13

Billy Harrison 89lb peg 10

Dave Lilliman 86lb-4oz peg 27

Alan Slack 65lb-9oz peg 35

Terry Wiggins 61lb-11oz peg 34

Dave Johnson 58lb-6oz peg 4

Johnny Evans 51lb-8oz peg 31

Tony Smith 49lb-15oz peg 15

Shaun Green 48lb-6oz peg 32

Paul Skeldon 476lb-7oz peg 8

Ian Carr 46lb-12oz peg 25

Kyle Wood 44lb-12oz peg 39

Dave Sewell 41lb-7oz peg 22

Dean Collingham 41lb-4oz peg 2

Pete Lambert 40lb-14oz peg 37

Brian Cox 40lb-10oz peg 6

Pete Jackson 25lb-10oz peg 20

Gary Butcher 21lb-5oz peg 11

Sean Hanrahan 19lb-1oz peg 29

Lenny Burton 17lb-2oz peg 18

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