Ollerton Cricket Club on the brink

Ollerton Colliery Cricket Club, one of the area’s oldest teams, are in crisis and on the brink of folding due to a shortage of players.
Ollerton Cricket ClubOllerton Cricket Club
Ollerton Cricket Club

The club has a great history, having been in existence for over 100 years.

But, after gaining promotion for the last two seasons on Saturdays to Bassetlaw League Division Six, for the first time ever in their history they had to cancel their last game due to having only six players available and are now struggling to complete the season.

Club treasurer Peter Haddrell said: “We desperately need new, and old, players to come forward otherwise we will have no option but to fold.

“We know some of the reasons. Cricket is becoming a regionalised sport – sometimes even elitist.

“There are teams who have great facilities, backed up by super Lottery-funded sports developments that have monopolised the pool of available players – especially younger players.

“In recent years, several clubs have folded whilst the bigger clubs have got bigger and bigger. If this situation does not change, many more established clubs will face the same situation as us in the future.

“We have had no grants at all. Our facilities are very poor to say the least. It’s impossible to attract new players, especially younger ones, when you’re competing against other wealthy clubs. We have lost countless players over the years to clubs like Thoresby, Edwinstowe, Sherwood etc because of this.

“Many teams have countless younger players who cannot get a game on a Saturday due to having so many players available. We’ve just picked up one 15-year-old bowler who was in this position – he’s played two games for us and taken 6-24 on debut and then 2-10. He could not get a game at all for his previous club. This cannot be right when clubs like Ollerton are desperate for players.”

He added: “Ollerton has a core of 10 players only. Since last season we have lost seven to eight regular players, mainly to work pattern changes and injury. We cannot continue with this small number of players.

“There are plans by Cricket Authorities to allow players to register and play for more than one club – this could happen from next season – but Ollerton needs players now.

“We are appealing for any potential player – young or old who would like to play cricket on a Saturday. We play to win, but also to enjoy it and have fun.

“We desperately need a wicket-keeper, two bowlers and three top six batsmen. Any young players who can’t get a game, older players who fancy playing just a few games a season, ex-Ollerton players or generally anybody who can help preserve one of Notts’ oldest cricket clubs – please, please, please get in contact as soon as possible.”

You can contact club secretary Dave Parnham on 01623 862312, 07788 568884 or [email protected].