Andy Graves backs Hucknall Town's stance to suspend playing until fans are allowed to return

Andy Graves believes playing football behind closed doors would be a kick in the teeth for Hucknall Town’s fans.

By Stephen Thirkill
Monday, 30th November 2020, 2:07 pm
Hucknall Town fans watch their side score against Shirebrook Town. Pic by Lee Fox Photography.
Hucknall Town fans watch their side score against Shirebrook Town. Pic by Lee Fox Photography.

The Yellows have decided they will not play again until their 19th December game against Dunkirk at the earliest.

EMCFL sides were given the option to play on behind closed doors, if both club’s agreed to the fixture, or to suspend matches for two weeks.

“The fans have helped us get back on our feet and it would be a kick in the teeth to them if we played on,” said Graves.

“They have stuck by us and have been behind us for years so we don't want them to miss out.

“We are disappointed that we had fans in the old tier 3 and now we are in tier three and can’t have fans. We put all the things in place that we needed to do and have had no issues traced back to the club.

“We have been doing things right, every club has done the best they can and done it in the right way.

“We know there are rules that don't make a lot of common sense.

“Everyone has to have their own level of risk and what they are comfortable with. No-one is asking them to go to football but there's a lot of people who desperately want to go.

“The revenue from crowds does not filter to anyone on the playing side.

“It covers the costs of floodlights when you've got to put them on, the cost of the officials and day to day costs.

“It’s a club thing and that's the correct way to do it, you know where you are and you don't go beyond your means.”

Graves also believes the league decision to allow clubs to decide whether they play or not has muddied the waters.

“It has left it all a bit muddled,” he said. “Every other league has made the decision to suspend, but our league has been a bit loose about it.

“If you’re all playing you are all playing. If we suspend it, we are all suspended and then we all know where we are.

“We have made the right decision. We will have to make sure we train well and play games between the reserves as we will be behind fitness wise against teams who continue to play.

“That was my only reservation, but we will try our best to be ready for Dunkirk.”