Cash belt will be staying tight says Hucknall manager

Hucknall management team Philip Henry and Andy Graves in the dugout
Hucknall management team Philip Henry and Andy Graves in the dugout

Promotion-chasing Hucknall Town will not be throwing money at new strikers.

The Yellows, whose postponement against Micklover RBL last weekend saw them leapfrogged at the top of the Central Midlands League South by Sherwood Colliery, have called off their chase for added firepower up front.

Manager Andy Graves has spoken to several goalscorers but is not prepared to put the club in any danger after past financial problems threatened to send them into oblivion

“We are just going to stick with what we’ve got at the moment,” said Graves.

“We can’t afford some of the players we’ve enquired about and we are not going to change our principles.

“As easy it would be to try to get the money from somewhere, the club won’t pay it. We could look for a sponsor or something but we will go with what we have.

“We won’t change things just for the here and now.

“We have said all along it’s not just about the here and now. “The club has got to be stable. If we suddenly change our principles we are going back to the bad old days. We don’t want to do that.

“Other clubs may throw money at it and good luck to them. If they want to do it that way that’s fine. It’s nothing to do with us.”

Due to their higher status in the non-League football Pyramid in days gone by, Graves feels Hucknall are still seen as a club with money.

“Some people view us as being the ‘big time Charlies’ but nothing could be further from the truth to be honest,” he said.

“We have got the club stable by good practice. Yes, we could rock it and try to chuck money at it but then again it could backfire on you.

“We have work starting on our new ground after Christmas. The contractors are in place.”

Despite the past financial problems, Graves said some supporters were still wanting them to spend money they hadn’t got.

“People have to be realistic still. I know we’re in a good position but we’ll only go forward as quickly as finances allow without being stupid,” he said.

“That might upset one or two of our supporters, but if they want to put their hands in their pockets just come and see me. I don’t think many will.

“But they will have a pop saying we should be doing this or we should be doing that. It’s all down to money.

“The committee, me, Phil (Henry, assistant manager) and Stevo (Paul Stevenson, coach) all put hours of unpaid time into this club and we’re not going to destabilise it just for the here and now.

“We will get there eventually. We still plan to give it a good shot this season but it will be within the restraints of what we’ve got - and that is good management.”