Clipstone absolved by NCEL after Brett Marshall row

The Northern Counties East League have decided Clipstone FC are within their rights to refuse admission to anyone after complaints by their former chairman Brett Marshall that he was turned away from a game last month.

By John Lomas
Saturday, 14th November 2015, 2:19 pm
Brett Marshall - Photo By James Williamson
Brett Marshall - Photo By James Williamson

Now boss at NCEL rivals Staveley, Marshall was incensed and a formal complaint was made, despite the Clipstone chairman Dave Paling denying the incident happened at all.

However, a league statement has announced: “The Northern Counties East League Management Board at its meeting on 12th. November 2015 considered the known facts relating to an ongoing dispute between Clipstone FC and Staveley MWFC.

“It decided that the matter was between Clipstone FC and Brett Marshall and that under current FA advice on Ground Regulations Clipstone FC is within its rights to be able to refuse entry to anyone it considers unsuitable.

“This is a unanimous decision of the League Management Board which now considers the matter closed.”

Marshall had said he was shocked to be turned away from his old club after bringing the Cobras major success over the previous two years.

Marshall claimed he was asked to leave by current Clipstone chairman Paling after paying to get into the game againstwith Handsworth Parramore.

Paling then claimed: “I am on holiday. I wasn’t at the game. I know nothing about this, but it sounds made up.”

Marshall, who has also managed clubs like Hucknall Town, Retford and Southwell City, had countered: “I am not blind. Dave was at the game and he was the one who gave me my money back.”