Hucknall look set to stay at Step six

Hucknall Town now believe that under the new FA restructure of the football pyramid they will be moving into the United Counties League next season, but staying at Step six in Division One.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 4:53 pm
Hucknall Town manager, Andy Graves.

There are many ifs and buts before that is certain but for now that is the level boss Andy Graves will be planning for.

“Things can change, but I believe we will be playing at United Counties One at Step 6 as I think there are now only officially three promotion places due to the steps higher than us not having promotion,” he said.

“I believe the East Midlands Counties will come under jurisdiction of the United Counties and we will be in there with the 17 already in that league unless any of them get moved sideways.

“I can still see possible sideways movement to fill spaces at Northern Premier Step 6, which would mean some of the northern sides in our league being moved across.

“Technically we could get moved across and you have no appeal against a sideways move.

“And even those that get promotion still have to accept they want it. If they don't it will be moved down to the next highest ranked.”

He added: “It's not unexpected. It has been sorted by points per game over the last two aborted seasons.

“We have resigned ourselves to be playing at Step 6 next season and we will plan accordingly.

“We've not gained anything and we've not lost anything, though you could say we've gained with less travelling to do so less expense for the club.

“Sherwood, Eastwood and Heanor look like the sides that will be going up. I do always think teams should go up on merit and that is the way it will probably be.”

If offered promotion, Graves said it would have to be thought about sensibly.

“We won't be clamouring for a move just for the sake of it. We'd sit down as a committee and look at the bigger picture,” he said.

“Sometimes it's not always about the football. There is no use going into somewhere you can't afford to be just for the sake of saying, look at us, we're at Step five. I've always said it should be a natural progression.”