Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray puts in official complaint to FA

Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray.Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray.
Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray.
Adam Murray has put in an official complaint to the FA over his spat with referee Mark Heywood which led to the Mansfield Town boss being given a touchline ban in Saturday's 3-0 defeat at Plymouth Argyle.

Murray was sent to the stand near the end of the home win over Morecambe the weekend before but took charge of the midweek draw at Oxford United before being hit with the ban on Thursday.

Murray is furious over the description of events from the West Yorkshire whistler and, while deciding an appeal would be pointless, he does want to take it further and see some sort of justice.

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He said: “It did come as a bit of a shock as I expected it to be Monday. They had to get their heads together. But nothing surprises you.

“I was furious with it to be honest because what I got sent for happened after I was sent off. Without saying too much I have put a complaint in.

“I didn’t appeal it as I know how these things work. But I have put a complaint in – not over the referee’s performance as we all have bad days at the office. We had a bad day on Saturday – it happens. That’s football whatever department you’re in.

“So I am not going to ref-bash. But some of the things that happened – if they happened the other way round, then I am sitting in the stand.

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“So I need to make the point that, if I get punished, then some of the things that went on during the game, at half-time and after the game, people can’t get away with that.

“They expect things from us, but we expect things from them. So we will see where that goes because it’s a two-way thing.

“They do massive things on Respect campaigns and it is a two-way thing.”

Murray continued: “It is what it is. We had a referee on Saturday who was very, very good. His communication was excellent. He was on your level and wanted to talk to you.

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“There was a mutual respect and his attitude was open. There wasn’t an arrogance there. He was very good.

There are some very good refs out there and I am, not a ref-basher.”

Murray’s frustration was compounded after all the effort he has made this season to stay onside with officials as a rookie manager.

“I am in constant communication with head of referees David Allison and have been as all season as it’s part of the game that I want to get better as a manager,” he said.

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“I looked at that over the summer. Because I was a feisty character as a player, I wasn’t very good with refs.

“I always used to react in probably the wrong manner. So as a manager I am trying to do the other thing and working very closely with David. I speak to him about the reports every week about how I can get better and my team can get better.

“But when you come across certain things, it’s just not acceptable. But I’ve been punished for it, so we’ll see what happens.”

For Murray is was a first time banished the the stands and he admitted: “I hated every second of it. It was tough.

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“I am guessing as a manager as you get a bit older it might be different. But at the minute I’ve got too much energy to be sitting in the directors’ box.

“I felt a little bit out of control, even though I trust Micky and Coops (Micky Moore and Richard Cooper) down there. But when the whistle goes you’ve got to rely on your players.

“I was in contact with them at times but it’s tricky as they are focusing on the game and don’t need me in their ear. It takes the focus away from the job.

“I was expecting I’d get a different view on it and maybe see some different pictures, but there was nothing I don’t see when I am on the touchline really.

“I didn’t like it so I am not going to have to speak to officials again as I can’t do that.”