BLOG: Catling’s Corner returns at a time when it’s ‘awesome’ to be a Stags fan

After a week off, I’m back and ready to bug you all with what I think about Stags - welcome to Catling’s Corner.

Well what can I say about the three results other than it’s absolutely awesome being a Stags fan at the moment.

With a brilliant win at Stevenage and a cracking comeback win at Dagenham I definitely didn’t chose the right two games not to go to.

I wish I’d have gone to both but I heard it on the radio and from friends who were there at the grounds.

It was also brilliant for you all to say how much you missed my blog, I must be doing something right.

After the Stevenage game a friend said that we wwere fantastic and ran the game from start to finish.

And from the Dagenham game I was told: “Pearce immense again but it was a terrific attacking performance - the most accomplished for many a year.”

The second quote was “Hard to single anyone out although the blackout between 30 and 35 was a concern at the time.

“They overcame it superbly to ensure the fightback was secure.

“A game which surely shows the never say die/character of the squad.

To me, this is definitely sounding more and more like an Adam Murray team every game.

As my blog follows on this will be shown even more,

As the week continued we got the news that Krystian Pearce was up for Player of the Month, but lost to Barnet’s Michael Gash which in my opinion was an absolute joke.

Against Newport County we got our third straight victory and all us stags fans are in dream world.

Jack Thomas, who assisted two of the goals, was back to the Jack Thomas of last season which is brilliant to see.

I’ve also got to mention Mal Benning whose two goals in this last week have been of the highest calibre.

If these goals were scored in the Premiership we would be talking about them for the next year.

These were undoubtedly the best two goals I’ve ever seen a Stags player score.

The home goal, which I was sat behind when it went in, was out of this world and the best goal I’ve ever seen at the Stags.

He just doesn’t seem to be able to score a tap in and that’s just the way we all like it.

If anybody doesn’t think it was best goal they’ve ever seen at the Stags then please tell me?.

I again thought we played brilliantly and I didn’t want to go home because of how good the football was.

As I was on the way down to the game we were talking about how strong our bench is, with different options on there.

Players such as Matty Blair, Nathan Thomas, Scott Shearer and Lee Collins not even getting on yesterday proving how many options we have!.

With two goals in two games as well for Adi Yussuf, his winner against Dagenham and his goal against Newport surely it can’t be long before he starts a game.

On the way out of the ground I saw Stags legend Mark Kearney who I have since found out works for OPTA doing stats and other jobs.

Im sure Stags fans will remember him fondly.

The two weeks got even better with the Spirites losing 3-1 and Notts Clownty losing 2-0 - oh dear.

Come on Adam Murray’s barmy army and COYS.