Former Mansfield Town star Colin Calderwood praises Stags for getting the job done against his Cambridge United side

Colin Calderwood returned to Mansfield today with CambridgeColin Calderwood returned to Mansfield today with Cambridge
Colin Calderwood returned to Mansfield today with Cambridge
Former Mansfield Town star Colin Calderwood praised his old club for getting the job done in their crucial 1-0 win over his Cambridge United side.

Tyler Walker's lone second half goal pushed Stags second in the table in a nervous game for the home side and Calderwood said: “I have to be satisfied with three points from two awkward away games this week.

“You sit back and pat yourself on the back as against Mansfield we have been able to contain a dangerous team.

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“It's a time of the season that brings nerves, frustration and anguish to everyone. But they got the job done so you have to congratulate them for that.

“You could feel the apprehension in the stadium. They were not particularly pleased with the way the game was going as we were able to not lose the first goal and not allow them momentum in the game, which suited us.

“Overall, not to be under the cosh and allow them a real period of us having to defend our box too much, I have to be pleased.

“But there was a period in the second half where I would ask more of everyone in terms of looking after the ball and winning it back.”

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He added: “We faded a bit after the goal. We got flustered in the moment and didn't produce what we had at the end, which was a bit more of a threat as they, obviously, got more and more nervous.

“They just had to see the game out, which they did.”

The winning goal stemmed from an error by sub Gary Deegan, but Calderwood felt they could have done more going forward.

“I was disappointed with our quality as I was expecting better of us in moments when have absolutely got to chase a game,” he said.

“I think we were a little bit negative. We gave them too many chances to get a foot in.

“The first half was fine away from home – stay in the game, But in the end the game was defined by the moment we gave them their best opportunity and they have taken it well.”