Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray apologises to referee over Oxford United penalty row

Mansfield Town's Reggie Lambe
Picture by Dan WestwellMansfield Town's Reggie Lambe
Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town's Reggie Lambe Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray has admitted he had to apologise to rookie referee Ben Toner after Saturday’s 1-1 home draw with Oxford United after seeing on a replay that Reggie Lambe’s challenge was in the box, which gave Oxford their equalising penalty kick.

“I apologised to the referee after the game on Saturday,” said Murray. “I didn’t think at the time he had got the penalty right but, watching it back, he had. So I went to see him.

“It wasn’t like Reggie. He’s normally very cool and composed, but he turned into Jackie Chan for about 10 seconds. It’s disappointing as we were in control of that situation.

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“We’d dealt with the cross, which was a great ball, and then we go and make a rash decision like that.

“I haven’t got a clue what was in his (Lambe) mind. I will be seeing Reggie this morning just to go over the start of the season in general.

“I believe he a player that can have a big effect on this team. We just need to iron a few things out and tweak a few things as, when we get in that final third, Reggie does have a lot of joy in there, though we need a little bit more of an end product. Reggie is aware of that.”