Mansfield Town boss Paul Cox left frustrated by ‘untrue’ rumours

Mansfield Town's Paul Cox  -Pic by:Richard ParkesMansfield Town's Paul Cox  -Pic by:Richard Parkes
Mansfield Town's Paul Cox -Pic by:Richard Parkes
Mansfield Town boss Paul Cox has fired a broadside at the club’s ‘rumour-moungering’ supporters.

The frustrated manager believes too many fans have been too quick to spread untrue rumours about player selection policies and are creating a negative vibe around the club.

He was responding to criticism from a certain section of the Field Mill faithful over why Adam Murray and Jake Speight are not featuring in the side.

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Said Cox: “Adam Murray is coming to the later end of his career and is also looking at the coaching side of the game.

“He wants to play, but we have got to use him with his age and experience wisely. You get to an age where your body cannot do what it once could.

“We did not miss him on Saturday when we beat a very good team in Fleetwood and people were saying how well we had played.

“For the last four to five months Jake Speight has been battling injury and illness and he has not been able to have a consistent run.

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“Would I like to play him? Of course I would, every manager wants goalscorers in the team.

“There is no conspiracy theory as to why these players have not been in the team. There have been no fallouts, no arguments and there is nothing in any rumours

“The rumour-mill at this club amazes me, it seems to really get people going when there is nothing there at all.

“From now on I will be talking about the positives at this club and others can talk about negatives.”

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Mansfield travel to Dagenham and Redbridge on Saturday looking to put their 4-1 Bury nightmare behind them.

The midweek defeat has left Stags just six points ahead of Northampton, who have a game in hand, in the final relegation place.

Mansfield have won three of their last 13 matches, but have not won away since they beat Exeter 1-0 on 4th January.