NEW SEASON PREVIEW: Tough time ahead for Teversal

The 2013-14 season was a total disaster for Teversal Football Club with no fewer than five managers taking charge at some time over the season.
Clipstone v TeversalClipstone v Teversal
Clipstone v Teversal

Lewis Saxby finished the season in the hot seat with a clear remit of re-installing the belief, values and respect to the senior set up as well as working within the aims of the club.

This was done, but with a poor run of results at the end of the season that cost the club its place in the FA Cup but a price the club had to accept if the major task of fully rebuilding the whole senior football side of the club was to be undertaken. Saxby has added to his management team for the new campaign with the introduction of Scott Simpson from Thoresby Colliery to join him, Mitch Wilson and Paul Hutchinson in readiness for the massive challenges ahead with the first team, reserves and U18s.

Like all pre-seasons there has been lots of players comings and goings but until the first game is played at Hemsworth Miners Welfare on Saturday there is no assurance who is committed to the clubs cause.

But the Tevie management team aspirations are to regain their place in the FA Cup in the 2015-16 which will mean that they will have had an excellent season and possible achieved their highest position ever on the National League system.

The pre-season results will give the impression that this task may be a little over optimistic, but there have been some good performances even if the results haven’t matched and it is hoped the performances can turn the results round when the regular season returns.

The club will be looking smarter this season has the have become a Nike Club Partner that will see all the clubs 14 teams wearing Nike kits by the 2015/16 season.

To assist the club with this they now have their own web shop that garments can be purchased on. The club have also been fortunate to secure a new home kit sponsor in Websters Kitchens with the club grateful of Colin Websters support with this.

The club have also looking for an away kit sponsor and if anyone would like to discuss this opportunity they can contact either of the club’s joint sponsorship and commercial managers Alison Peck (call 07793 943390 or email [email protected]) or John Webster (call 07970 151750 or 01623 556224 or email [email protected]).

Off the pitch, with the announcement that Ashfield District Council is to demolish the old Teversal Grange restaurant and the impact that may have on the complex, it means the Tevie Directors will have more than football on their plate to deal with to ensure that the club continues and can keep its Carnarvon Street ground.

This is something the club is taking on board with the challenges this throws at them with a view that may enhance the development of the club with the support from varies other agencies.

So moving forward and the hype that is around Steps 5,6 and 7 of the national league system in the area this season, Teversal will be the club in the shadows working to ensure its main aim is in securing the longevity of the club continues and don’t become another club who is no longer in existence.