Nigel Clough desperate to welcome back Stags supporters to One Call Stadium

Stags fans in full cry at the One Call.Stags fans in full cry at the One Call.
Stags fans in full cry at the One Call.
Nigel Clough is hoping for a home game for the first day of next season with Mansfield Town desperate to welcome back supporters to the One Call Stadium.

Clough said it had been a strange experience without them.

“Everybody's looking forward to fans coming back,” he said.

“I hope we're at home first day of the season. That would be nice if the fixtures were kind to us.

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“We have only been here for the last five months and it has certainly been surreal without them in that time.

“The only danger is that we're all getting used to it which is a very sad state of affairs.

“But I think if we can just finish this season, everyone wants to get it out of the way and done with for lots of reasons, everybody can start next season with a whole raft of optimism.

“If we get supporters back in, which is the main thing, they are the absolute lifeblood of the game and it's been nowhere near the same without them.”

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He added: “It's two sets of fans that make an atmosphere as well, not just home.

“It's about two sets of opposing fans. You get a good away following and I think it makes a great atmosphere within the ground.”