NOTTINGHAM FOREST BLOG: '˜Boro splashing the cash on Assombalonga shows FFP not fit for purpose'

Britt Assombalonga pictured against DerbyBritt Assombalonga pictured against Derby
Britt Assombalonga pictured against Derby
It wouldn't be the summer transfer window for Nottingham Forest if they weren't waving goodbye to one of their influential performers - and this summer it comes in the shape of talismanic striker Britt Assombalonga.

The Reds’ star striker made a £14 million switch to recently relegated Middlesbrough on Monday night.

I don’t begrudge the 24-year-old his move at all and if he can treble his wages playing in the same division then all the best too him, however, the fact that Garry Monk’s men can brandish around such a sum of money is frankly disgusting.

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Last season Middlesbrough were the lowest scoring team in the Premier League and finished in 19th position as they were relegated in pathetic fashion.

The fact that they are then allowed to go and plunge £14 million on Assonbalonga and £9 million on Martin Braithwaite and, wait for it, still comply with the farce that is financial fair play is ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a Forest fan chewing loudly on his sour grapes after his beloved club loses its star man but the Football League and the FA must think we’ve all fallen off the top of Middlesbrough’s endless pile of money if this financial fair play garbage is fit for purpose.

I mean, how can Middlesbrough start with a £40 million advantage on 23 other teams after being so bad during 2016/17? To me it is simply a sign of rewarding gross failure.

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This isn’t bitterness at the actual transfer but my anger stems from the fact that a team can get promoted, be utterly rubbish in the top flight, but then be allowed to spend whatever the hell they like the season previous!

Forest is a club heading in the right direction off the pitch these days and I have no doubt in my mind that boss Mark Warburton will now be handed a sizeable kitty to replace the outgoing striker, whilst possibly strengthening the squad in other areas too.

If Assombalonga’s departure can make the Forest squad better in every area on the pitch then it can only be a good thing for the football club – and I certainly hope that a couple of players can arrive this week to bolster the current crop.

As for Britt himself I actually think it is a sign of the times and proves a point that footballers are mercenaries simply out to earn as much money as they can from a very short career, whilst agents should be abolished indefinitely.

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Forest stuck by the striker during a knee ligament injury that threatened to end his career and how does he repay the club? Yes, that’s right you at the back, by leaving at the first sniff of another club showing an interest.

As I said earlier in the piece I certainly don’t begrudge him the chance to earn such a sum of money but simply showcases how cruel and unkind modern-day football can be, certainly to the paying public who attend games each week.

As with any player Assombalonga can and will be replaced yet one thing that will remain regardless of the player turnover at the football club is the magnificent support. I have no doubt that the majority of supporters are still buying into the new hierarchy at the football club and with the right backing next season there is no reason why 2017/18 can’t be a much better one for those of a Forest persuasion.