NOTTINGHAM FOREST BLOG: Let’s try to remain positive about the managerial situation, says Glyn Brownley

So, it’s nearly a week since the enigma that is William McIntosh Davies was relieved of his his position at Nottingham Forest.

To me, it seems like the few days has been weeks.

The negativity that was directed at our club while Davies was in charge was poison as he had excluded local and national media from any interaction at the City Ground.

While the sacking of the Scotsman was supposed to put things right, it seems to have made us even more of a media circus.

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Manager after manager have turned us down for one reason or another with one major issue raising its head - and that issue seems to be the alleged interference of our owner Mr Fawaz al Hasawi.

As much as it pains me to say it, there must be some credibility to all these rumours?

Neil Warnock was interviewed very quickly for the position and was prematurely hailed as the new manager in some quarters of the media, but at the last minute decided the job was not for him as the conditions were not right?

In other words, was he suggesting Fawaz wanted some input on team selection? True or not, it was quite worrying to some - but like Warnock himself stated ‘if you have invested so much money in a club are you not allowed an opinion?’.

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Even club legend Stuart Pearce refused to come back to his spiritual heaven where he knows his presence would be worshipped, stating personal reasons for his refusal.

Then we are quickly informed that the FIA has ruled out O’Neill and Keane due to their contractual obligations to the Republic of Ireland. Also, ex Cardiff manager Malky Mackay has distanced himself from the now ‘Hot Potato job’ on Trentside.

Before any Garibaldi supporter panics, a sense of realism should be reached here. Yes, Warnock has a good record but to be fair he was a quick fix until the end of the season - but how many Leeds United supporters tweeted their admiration for him?

Then lets look at Psycho. This Forest icon knows if he fails at the City Ground then it could ruin his immortality on Trentside, so he’s played the safe card and opted to bottle it in my opinion. Not a bad thing neither as his managerial CV is not exactly overwhelming is it?

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Keane and O’Neill? Well, it’s obvious they were never an option and Mackay? Well he did well with Cardiff for one season with someone else’s team and is embroiled in a legal case due to his sacking.

Now let’s look at the remaining candidates who may want this fantastic opportunity to become a hero in eight games and get to manage a club through the lottery of the play offs and into the magical land of the Premier League.

Gianfranco Zola, Glenn Hoddle, Steve Clarke - these three seem to be on the radar as far as the bookies are concerned. Well to be fair any of them would be ok in my eyes, especially Clarke.(I’d love Nigel Clough to come home though).

One thing is for sure, any new gaffer will have to work closely with Fawaz, but that’s something he will have to put up with.

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At the end of the day he’s invested millions - so who are we to tell him he can’t advise here and there?

So let’s look positive and realise maybe the previous candidates were not exactly fit for purpose . . . think about it, you know it makes sense.