OPINION: Culture at Nottingham Forest must change

The latest in a long list of overdue payments occurred this week at Nottingham Forest and, as per usual, has been hastily rectified in the nick of time.

The most alarming thing about this occurrence is that it affected the club’s own staff rather than its customers and suppliers.

Admittedly this has happened once before to the employees of the club and again it was only by a day, however, things are getting a little tedious for all concerned.

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The late payments and general skulduggery may not actually be down to Fawaz Al Hasawi, but on the other hand he calls the shots and has overall responsibility for his subordinates.

I truly believe that the Al Hasawi family possess the amounts of money that they claim to have in their piggy bank, but if their relationship with Forest is to continue then cultures must change quickly.

It takes two to tango and by this I mean that the fans have their part to play also; we must respect the situation that the club was in before the family’s take over and the vast amount of money that has already been invested in the playing staff.

Think about it, we wouldn’t be under embargo if there was no Antonio’s and Assombalonga’s (our record signing). However, the middle eastern business model/culture has to change if the fans and more importantly the staff of this great club are to stay loyal.

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The staff at NFFC are loyal and immensely proud, but as the former employees told me moral is at an all time low.

An example of the sheer lack of respect for the employees at the club is clear for everyone to see; I looked at a random salary in comparison to other Championship clubs. A commercial manager at another second tier club can earn in excess of £70k a year in comparison to £22k at Forest.

The club is looked upon as a joke by outsiders and we can’t allow this to continue, nobody will want to touch us with a barge pole.

Whether that is potential sponsors, investors or most importantly players. This situation really is last chance saloon because something has to give.

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So if you are reading this Mr Hasawi please see both sides of the argument, in one ear you are receiving massive criticisms, but there is praise for the other tab...honestly!

Please, please take this on board and look after your employees and the reputation of this 150 year old club.

People are calling for a change of owner but I believe it is cultural change that is needed, unfortunately things are at their worst but you have a last chance to turn this around.

Your passion, investment and charisma are very much respected and appreciated but the time has come for cultural changes. We’re now asking for your practices to be less middle eastern and more middle ground.