OPINION: Football needs to embrace technology for the good of the game

Referees have been under increased scrutiny about the standard of officiating this season and it is about time that technology should be introduced to aid their decisions.

There have been a number of controversial decisions that have affected lots of games in the Premier League.

A referee’s job is one that is becoming increasingly difficult, and with the money at stake, each decision is under more scrutiny than ever before.

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I was at Stoke on 1st February for their home game against Everton. When I arrived at my seat in the press box, I found that every seat had a little monitor, ideal for action replays.

This is a fantastic idea, but it left me wondering, why aren’t we using this technology to help officials?

Given the money that is now involved with every Premier League games,a referee’s decision has to be correct every time. One misjudged decision could affect a club’s whole season, and the revenue that comes with it.

If the FA wants to improve the standard of officiating, then why not install a small TV monitor with the fourth official, allowing them to watch a quick replay of any major incidents?

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This would give the fourth official a chance to advise the referee and therefore help increase the number of correct decisions.

Fans countless times will have been sat a game and berated a decision, only to find it was the correct call when they got home. Match officials sometimes misjudge decisions as well first time around. By aiding them with this technology, it could only improve the standard of refereeing throughout the league.

When goal-line technology was first introduced, there was a lot of opposition to it. Now, three years on, it is a struggle to imagine how the game ever coped without it.

There was a prime example last weekend as Blackburn beat Queens Park Rangers 1-0 at Ewood Park.

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Early in the game with the tie poised at 0-0, Connor Washington’s header appeared to cross the line – but it wasn’t given by the officials. That goal would have put QPR one ahead, and could have completely changed the whole complex of the match.

This highlights how important the introduction of goal-line technology was. Now it is time to introduce monitors with the fourth official. This would help with penalty decisions, but also decisions with red cards.

The technology is available for use, and it is time this country’s referees were helped, instead of being crucified after every game.