GOLF COLUMN - Tips from a PGA Pro

PGA professional Sam Shaw, from Hayfield, gives tips on getting rid of that ‘deadly hook’ in his latest golf column.
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from HayfieldSam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield

The arms and body must work together in the golf swing.

As you start your swing the left arm should swing across your chest and connect the arm to your chest.

Once the left arm connects to your chest, the arms pull the body so that you are coiled and wound up at the top of your swing.

This will allow the correct sequence to occur in the swing resulting in a better swing path and more solid golf shots.

A great drill is to put a glove or your bag towel under your left armpit and keep it there in the backswing.

Please remember this tip is explained for a right-handed golfer.

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