GOLF COLUMN: Tips to help aid your backswing

PGA professional Sam Shaw, from Hayfield, gives tips on backswing in his latest golf column.
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from HayfieldSam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield

Many golfers try to make a complete backswing based on how far their hands and arms go back. 

In reality, your backswing is completed when your shoulders have made a full turn. 

Turn hands, arms and shoulders together on the backswing. 

Once your shoulders have finished turning, trying to make the hands and arms go any further may cause them to veer off plane. 

Don’t get caught up in completing the swing with your hands. 

Regardless of how far the hands and arms get, when the shoulders are done turning, the backswing is finished.

Drill for at home: A good drill you can practice at home is in the mirror.

If you take your backswing in a mirror just notice the point that your shoulders stop turning and see if you are guilty of your arms carrying on getting you into little bad habbits.

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