Golf Column: Tips to help rid you of that ‘deadly hook’

PGA professional Sam Shaw, from Hayfield, gives tips on putting in his latest golf column.
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from HayfieldSam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield
Sam Shaw, PGA pro from Hayfield

This week’s tip is to help you get rid of that deadly hook.

The most common fault for a hook is the shoulders, hips and feet are all pointing too far right which will promote a flatter swing path and can, in turn, lead to a duck hook which starts right and bananas out of control to the left.

The cure is to open (to the left) up your shoulders, hips, and feet so they are all pointing more to the left of your intended target.

Focus on making a good turn in your backswing and then try to swing down and to the left of your target.

You may find your ball starts left and goes further left initially, but don’t panic - your hands will eventually compensate for this.

Please remember this tip is explained for a right-handed golfer.

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