Mansfield Town army marches on Stadium MK

Stags heading into battle at Stadium MKStags heading into battle at Stadium MK
Stags heading into battle at Stadium MK
With 5,300 Mansfield Town away supporters roaring them on, boss David Flitcroft admitted he feels like is leading an army down to MK Dons for Saturday’s promotion decider.

But Flitcroft admitted he would want to be the first one over the top when battle starts.

“I am not someone who would stand on the top of a hill and send my troops into battle,” he said.

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“I would be the first one there leading it on the front foot. “It’s the way I have been brought up. Its the way I am. I have had to earn everything I have got and fight for everything I have achieved.

“The players know I am stood firmly with them. I have my general stood alongside me in Ben Futcher and I have a group of men behind me. Add that to the 5,000 fans.”

Flicroft had nothing but praise for the part the Stags fans have played this season.

“They have been amazing away from home all season and that’s probably why we have only lost five away from home this season,” he said.

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“We do have that army behind us. I do believe they will probably be more raucous than the MK Dons fans. I believe it because I have seen it at places like Notts County and Port Vale – wherever we’ve marched to.

“They have given us that support we’ve craved home and away all season.

“Also, our owners have also supported everything I have done. There is a unity. As soon as you get division in anything you get defeat. Defeat follows division.

“We have a brilliant football club to be proud of and over 5,000 backing us tells you we are doing something right.”