Dynamic duo bring music tour to Nottinghamshire

The Canadian folk duo James Hill and Anne Janelle visit the HopBarn in Southwell on Monday, November 28, as part of their UK tour.

The ‘singer-songwriter-ukulele-cello duo’ prove that musical opposites attract.

James Hill grew up playing folk, jazz and blues on his ukulele. Anne Janelle, played only classical music on her cello. But the pair’s differences became their greatest asset: the uke is high, the cello is low; the uke plays short notes, the cello long bow strokes; the uke is all about strumming while the cello radiates melody.

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In 2009, James and Anne released True Love Don’t Weep, an album of duets that garnered a Canadian Folk Music Award for Traditional Album of the Year.

Since True Love Don’t Weep, James and Anne have released two solo albums each (James’s Man with a Love Song and The Old Silo; Anne’s Beauty Remains and So Long at the Fair) and toured in over 15 countries, making their mark not only as accomplished instrumentalists but also as some of the finest songwriters of their generation.

Together, they conjure a sound that is intricate, enchanting and engaging.