Interview: 60 Seconds with Palace panto star Tristan Crabtree

It's time for the latest 60s Seconds With.. interview with the cast members of Peter Pan, the smash-hit panto at Mansfield's Palace Theatre.

The family-friendly production is on until December 31. Call the box office for ticket availability on 01623 633133.

This week, answering the questios is Tristan Crabtree, aka Len The Pirate.

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Is this your first visit to Mansfield? (If not, when were you last here and with which show?)


What is your usual daily routine and how do you think the panto schedule will differ?

I normally have an early start with a toddler at home, so the early shows aren’t too much of a shock to me!

Tell us about the characters you will be playing…

Len is the experienced career pirate!

What fun-fact might people not know about you? (Such as your ‘party trick’ or unusual pet…)

I’m a roller-skater.

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Can you give us any gossip on your fellow cast?! (For a family-friendly audience!)

Bruno and Darcy are single pirates!

What would be your dream theatre role? Who would you love to work alongside?

I’d love to work alongside Patrick Stewart on the London stage!

Who is the most famous person in your phone/following you on social media?

Brian Friedman.

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What is your guilty pleasure? (For example, a cheesy song, unhealthy food, etc)

Pizza :)

Tell us your best joke? (Or give an example of a prank you have played on someone…)

Where will you be spending Christmas Day this year? Who with?

With my wife and daughter in High Wycombe.

What are you most looking forward to about panto/Christmas/spending time in Mansfield?

I’m really enjoying the fun on stage and am enjoying the company of the friendly cast and crew here.

What is your message to anyone who hasn’t bought tickets to Peter Pan yet?!

Get ‘em in!