Hucknall public anger as wave of ASB sweeps through the town

A car being attacked by a group of teenagers, who threw eggs at the driver and the vehicle, is just the latest in a catalogue of incidents of anti-social behaviour to hit Hucknall in recent weeks.

Thursday, 19th May 2022, 12:33 pm

And residents have now had enough and are demanding police and the authorities do more to stamp it out.

The egg incident happened at the Aldi store car park on Ashgate Road and the group responsible were all aged around 15 or 16 years-old.

Several of the recent incidents in the town have involved teenagers or young kids, as well as adults.

Hucknall has seen a rise in ASB with incidents such as cars damaged and people on town centre building roofs

Over the past few weeks, there have been reports of kids on the roof of the leisure centre or town centre buildings, teenagers trashing someone's fence and rocks being thrown through windows on two houses.

Cars have also been damaged and people being caught on CCTV trying car doors.

Last year, there was also the terrifying incident in which a teenager was reportedly throttled in Titchfield Park by a gang on teens, who were filming it on their mobiles.

Incidents have also occurred on trams, notably in Bulwell where a gang of kids has been causing issues for passengers.

It is believed that this same group often heads up to Hucknall as well.

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Community groups on Facebook are regularly featuring posts warning other members of the group about anti-social behaviour in their streets or area.

And the subsequent comments all run along the same theme that nothing seems to be being done about it.

Comments have included:

"Looks like the town is now sinking in a sea of ASB, feral teens, drugs and petty crime, with none of those in authority lifting a finger to stop it.”

"I notice the stark, industrial strength railings put in to keep the little darlings off the roof of the old Boots shop.

“Rounding them up and taking them to their parents would have been less industrial, but that would take a copper or two away from speeding and parking tickets.”

"What about withholding the police precept part of our council tax until the police start prosecuting some of these crimes?

"Not a copper or council ASB team to be seen anywhere.”

“The public of this town need the police and council's help but none is forthcoming.

"Sick of seeing the crime, drug issues and ASB all over local social media pages.”

But police say they are taking a very proactive approach to the problem.

Sergeant Olivia West, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Tackling anti-social behaviour is a key priority within neighbourhood policing as a whole and can take up large portions of officers’ time and resources.

“It really should go without saying but there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to ever behave in this manner and we will always look to respond to all reports of this nature that we receive.

“We know how much of a negative impact these kinds of offences can have on our communities, which is why we dedicate so much effort to breaking up incidents of antisocial behaviour.

“Our officers carry out regular high-visibility patrols, to provide both a reassuring presence on the streets and also feet on the ground to respond to any crime in the area as it develops.”