Mansfield and Ashfield Partnership Against Crime groups join forces against domestic abuse initiative during World Cup

Members of Ashfield Community Safety Partnership and Mansfield Partnership Against Crime are teaming up in their respective areas to deliver a programme of World Cup-focused domestic abuse work during the high-profile football tournament.

The two community safety partnerships are playing active roles in a county-wide campaign being led by Nottinghamshire police, helping to distribute posters, display associated images and information and linking in with a comprehensive social media programme.

Posters providing details of the Women’s Aid 24-hour helpline, as well as the Alliance Against Violence facebook page, are being widely distributed and displayed.

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Mansfield District Council (MDC) wardens are getting them out and about in the communities they cover; Street Cleansing Manager Julie Snowdon has had them put up in public conveniences managed by her team and the authority’s Domestic Violence Prevention Officer has delivered them to children’s centres, town centre venues and retail outlets as well as ensuring the Civic Offices and Town Hall are covered.

Information will also be displayed in MDC’s tenant meeting rooms, and posters will be placed on notice boards in parks around Mansfield. Mansfield Museum and The Palace Theatre have been given information about the campaign and services available to support those affected by domestic abuse.

In Ashfield, the District Council’s Domestic Violence Prevention Officer has been just as busy; she has taken posters with the 24-hour helpline number on to licensed premises, Idlewells shopping centre in Sutton and to major supermarkets for display in their toilets.

The posters have been adapted for use on plasma screens in the Civic Centre in Mansfield, in Ashfield District Council’s main reception area and at Mansfield’s bus station.

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An integrated social media campaign has been planned by Nottinghamshire police, with messages that will be retweeted, liked and shared on facebook by partner organisations including Ashfield District Council.

The campaign is not saying that football causes domestic abuse, but acknowledges that the World Cup intensifies triggers for domestic abuse, such as increased alcohol consumption and high levels of emotion.

It also recognises that the World Cup can be a catalyst for all forms of violence and abusive behaviour not just domestic.

Anyone who needs help, advice, or wants to report domestic abuse, either during the World Cup or at any other time, should call the Women’s Aid 24hour free phone helpline 080 8800 0340. Men experiencing domestic abuse: can call the Men’s Advice Line 0808 801 0327 and members of the LGBT community can get help from Broken Rainbow by calling 0300 999 5428.

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Women’s Aid helpline capacity has been increased during the World Cup.

Vicky Cropley, Chair of the Ashfield and Mansfield Domestic Abuse Working Group, says: “The number of domestic abuse incidents often rises during major football tournaments and we want to make sure that those affected - and their friends and families - know that help is available and where to get it.

“The campaign has a range of elements to help deliver these messages and to generally raise awareness around the issue.”