NATIONAL NEWS: 11 things you didn’t know about Lemmy

The world of rock is in mourning after the sudden death of Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away only two days after a cancer diagnosis.

But his legacy will live on in bandmates, collaborators, friends and family - and, of course, all of us.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan with all of the albums and a box full of ticket stubs, or someone who just enjoys a bit of air guitar to Ace of Spades and Overkill, take a moment to remember the rock legend today and find out more about his life.

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“You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools, but that’s the way I like it baby I don’t wanna live forever.”

1. Lemmy’s real name is Ian Kilmister.

2. He was born on Christmas Eve and celebrated his 70th birthday only four days before his death.

3. His birthplace is Stoke-on-Trent.

4. Lemmy’s father worked as a chaplain.

5. The rocker fathered two sons. He had no contact with Paul until the boy was 6, and it is rumoured that Sean was put up for adoption.

6. Lemmy was fired from his band Hawkwind in 1975. He later formed Motorhead.

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7. The song Motorhead was written while Lemmy was a member of Hawkwind.

8. Throughout his career Lemmy has racked up an astounding number of collaborations and guest appearances, as well as playing in a number of side projects. His appearances include performing on records by Ugly Kid Joe and Slash - as well as appearing in the Foo Fighters’ White Limo video.

9. He also wrote the song R.A.M.O.N.E.S as a tribute to his friends and contemporaries. It was later picked up and performed by The Ramones themselves.

10. Lemmy reportedly said he consumed “a bottle of Jack Daniels” a day from when he turned 30. In recent years he is said to have cut down his drinking and smoking of Marlboro Reds.

11. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2000.

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