Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner responds to Hucknall councillors' call for better police access in the town

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has responded to a group of Hucknall councillors demanding better police access for the town by pointing out that some of their requests were not in her remit.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 3:26 pm

As reported in the Dispatch, a group of Ashfield Independent councillors have called for Hucknall Library to be used as a police drop-in centre for the town to give the residents a focal contact point for officers that has been missing since the town’s police station closed in 2015.

The group also claimed Mrs Henry had not contacted any Hucknall councillors as part of the ‘thorough review of the police estate strategy’ she had promised to deliver within 90 days of being elected.

But Mrs Henry said: “For clarity, I promised to carry out a wide-ranging public survey on the proposed relocation of Newark Police Station within 90 days.

Nottinghamshire PCC Caroline Henry
Nottinghamshire PCC Caroline Henry

"I launched that survey this week, just 46 days into my term of office, as I promised.

“The review of the wider estate is something I will look to do and I fully intend to consult with local residents and stakeholders, whose experience and knowledge I value greatly, just as I will over the priorities and focus for my police and crime plan.

“Drop-in centres for officers and residents are a matter for the chief constable, but I really hope that people will also ‘drop in’ to see me at my public engagement meetings which will be announced shortly.”

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