Town’s RNLI branch finally calls it a day

The coffers of lifeboat volunteers will be a little less full from now on with the closure of Mansfield’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

The 75 year-old branch has folded due to a lack of committee members.

Branch secretary Jane Bealby said most young people were too busy balancing the pressures of work and raising families to donate time to charity work.

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Said Jane: “Fundraising is going through a different stage now. They want people jumping out of aeroplanes and doing massive events - they are after big, corporate money.

“The people I feel I am letting down are the lifeboat men who put their lives on the line - they are mostly volunteers.

“But I will miss the camaraderie of the committee.”

Jane, of King’s Clipstone, has been on the committee since 1972. She estimates the Mansfield branch has raised about £250,000 since it was first established.

And, though Mansfield is some 70 miles from the coast, Jane said the sea had been a big part of life in the area - with folk holidaying in east coast resorts such as Skegness and Mablethorpe.

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“Miners also had a tradition of deep of fishing,” said Jane. “But now most people probably go abroad.

“Now I have a rather large birthday coming up so I want to slow down - I would have kept going if there had been a bit more support.”