Fare dodgers on Nottingham trams to face heavier penalty fines

Tramlink Nottingham has announced that the penalty for not having a valid ticket when travelling on NET trams will be increased from £50 to £70 from October 1 to help further reduce the amount of ticketless travel.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 3:44 pm

With Covid restrictions easing earlier this year, travel officers were reintroduced to the tram network from May to offer help and assistance to passengers and check tickets.

As a result, data gathered by officers on board has shown that levels of fare evasion fell from 25 per cent of passengers in May to five per cent in September.

As a further deterrent to fare evasion, for any passengers travelling without a valid ticket, pass or smartcard, the penalty fare notice will now increase from £50 to £70 from October 1.

Fare dodgers on the tram network will face tougher penalties from next month

These latest steps to further tackle fare evasion come as passengers can now use a range of methods to buy a valid ticket before they travel, including ticket machines at every tram stop, the Robin Hood Smartcard and the NETGO! app.

Tim Hesketh, Tramlink chief executive, said: “We are encouraged by the continued fall in fare evasion but five per cent is still too high and that is why we are increasing the penalty fare as a further deterrent.

“Fare evaders are a small minority but their actions take the city and our loyal customers for a ride, undermining the huge efforts and investment we are all making to get Nottingham and the local economy moving again.

“With fares from just £1 it has never been easier to buy a ticket so our message to fare evaders is simple – do the right thing and pay your way.”